Kids Adventure Parties

Kids Adventure Parties

Customized and unique

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Working with Schools

Working with Schools

Giving school kids a fun day while developing their leadership and problem-solving skills

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Corporate Teambuilding

Corporate Teambuilding

Book your staff team for a fun day outdoors

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Red King Adventures offers adults and children the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful world of “Adventure” in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

We take groups on a variety of instructor-led adventures in different formats:

We have: Adventure Days, Adventure Camps, Corporate Team-Building and Adventure Amazing Races.


    positive review  Red King Adventures is an awesome way for any child to spend their holiday. It gets them off the couch, off the electronic devices and into nature. The activities offered is fun and educational. My child is hooked and we are looking forward to the next great adventure! Thank you Rory!

    Lee-Ann Perks Wanckel Avatar Lee-Ann Perks Wanckel
    July 6, 2019

    positive review  What a fun day the kids all had, NO tablets, NO TV, NO laptops etc, just good old fashioned fun!

    Dena-Jo Nel Avatar Dena-Jo Nel
    August 7, 2019

Adventure is different to sport as it does not favour the fastest child or the one with the best ball skills. Participants are placed in small groups and it is up to them to work as a team to solve each challenge.
They grow as they work through frustration and as they learn to collaborate with different personalities and teammates who have different strengths and weaknesses.
Positive attitudes are always encouraged as well as winning, and losing, with grace.

Not only does adventure help children let off steam, it plays a vital role in equipping them with the necessary skills to set them up for life after school.
Adventure education introduces pupils to risk assessment, teamwork and leadership skills

Learners who are exposed to adventure activities go on to demonstrate and adopt behaviours that will help them lead a productive and interesting life. One in which they are organised and flexible, willing to test the boundaries of life, to grow, explore, lead and are able to learn from their experiences.

Adventure helps create a balanced individual

Children who are relatively quiet and cautious by nature, grow in confidence and are willing to take on new experiences.  Those who you might not immediately view as ‘the outdoors type’ demonstrate great resilience and good humour in the face of adversity.

Participants learn to be as concerned for others as they are for themselves and the more confident ones learn to follow leadership before they are then able to lead. Most importantly, they are able to admit and then correct their mistakes.

See some of the recent fun the kids have had.


A variety of team building adventures aimed at achieving:

  • Improved communication within team
  • Better understanding in your group
  • Building team cohesion
  • Promoting employee loyalty by inspiring teamwork
  • Improving problem solving abilities
  • Exposure to new experiences
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